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What is a Personal Historian?

Personal historians help individuals and families collect and preserve information for people in the future to enjoy.

Today, many of us enjoy researching our family history. We love to learn a little bit about those who came before us. Finding a new ancestor in our family tree can be so exciting, and even discovering a new piece of information about a known ancestor is a great find. People love to know about their roots and where they come from.

Now, imagine the delight you can bring to those future family historians who want to know about you! It could be your grandchildren or great-great-great grandchildren, who wonder about what it was like for you when you grew up; what your life was like, and what your favorite pastimes were.

Every person has an amazing life! I’ve got a passion to preserve so that future generations can understand their unique history. If you need help getting started, I'm here to help.

What fun! Don't you wish you knew more about them?


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