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Preserving Family Images

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Part I

Do you have family photos?

We all do. However, the thought of organizing and labeling them can be overwhelming. They may be crammed in boxes or in sticky old albums. We may not know the right way to save them or who half the people in them are!

You know they are precious for your family, but when you think of all the time it would take to organize them, the project gets pushed aside.

Here are a few tips you can use to help get the ball rolling:

1) Start with the ones that are the oldest and more prone to deteriorate.

If you don't know who is in the picture, think of who in your family may be able to identify for you.

2) If you have photos in those old sticky albums, take them out -- the longer they are sitting in glue, the more damage will occur.

3) For the vast majority of old photos, it is best to house or layer them with acid free paper. You can find this at many craft stores or online at stores such as www.archivalmethods.com or similar.

4) Don't write on the actual photos. Use pencil (lasts longer than pen) and write all the details you know on the accompanying acid free paper.

In a future post I will share more idea for organizing.