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Easter Dinner

As you make your preparations for family gathered together at Easter dinner, remember this is an excellent time to ask questions and share your family stories.

One of my clients was born on Easter Sunday back in 1930! Indeed, her parents were on the steps to enter the church when her mother realized they needed to take a taxi to the hospital ASAP -- That was certainly an Easter to remember!

While not every family has such an event as the birth of a baby on Easter, holidays are always special in themselves. We remember the joyful time spent with loved ones.

Here are a few prompts and questions you can use tomorrow to get the stories rolling with your family.

> Tell about the Easter traditions you remember as a child. Where and how did you celebrate? What church did you attend and what was it like? Was the service the same as it is today?

> Were there any customs, such as egg dying or hunting for eggs that you especially enjoyed? Did you get a new Easter outfit, and if yes, what did it feel like to get new clothes?

> Share about the food you ate. Is it the same as you eat to celebrate now or has it changed?

> Who typically joined your family in Easter celebrations? Family? Neighbors or other friends? What do you remember about them?

> What was your favorite part about the holiday? Do you have a certain memory from one Easter you will never forget?

Have a Happy Easter Celebration.

My sister, Karen, and me, in our new Easter outfits -- including new hats and gloves c. 1966.