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Digitizing — One Step at a Time

Living in the digital age, many of our photographs and documents are now electronic and as such can more easily be preserved for the future. However, all of us still have so much that is not yet digitized. We all have family photos and documents pre digital era … think about digitizing these too, so they can be kept for future generations to appreciate. Consider things such as:

Wedding invitations Newspaper announcements and articles Graduation diplomas Slides, film and photographs Letters, birth announcements, and special cards

Think about what you have that you'd like to save that will help tell your family story.

It may seem like a daunting task, but consider it as you would any project: take it one step at a time. The first step is to identify and look at what you have that should be preserved. One of my clients recently did this, and then prioritized her items by determining what was most important to her. Now she has a plan, and step-by-step either she, or we together, will work through that list and get it done.

Anna Marcley saved her teacher commendation, circa 1864. How precious this is for her descendants!